Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Most Famous Free Cloud Storages

Note :  All these services are working on any web platform but here i  mentioned which OS support their 3rd party cloud application  

1. Dropbox 

Free Space : 2GB + 500MB for new member adding 
Support Environment : Windows,Linux,Mac,Mobile(Apple,Android)
Pre-Requirements : Email Account

2. Google Drive 

Free Space : 5GB
Support Environment : Windows,Linux,Mac,Chrome OS,Mobile(Apple,Android)
Additional Features : can easily use with other  Google  products emails,docs...etc
Pre-Requirements : Gmail Account

3. Sky Drive 

Free Space : 7GB
Support Environment : Windows,Mac,Mobile(Apple,Android)
Additional Features : can easily use with other Microsoft products emails,Office package...etc
Pre-Requirements : Live Account

4. 4sync
Free Space : 15GB
Support Environment : Windows,Mobile(Any)
Pre-Requirements : Email Account

5. Mediafire 

Free Space : 50GB
Support Environment : Windows,Mac,Linux,Mobile(Apple,Android)
Additional Features : can easily share executable files with less warning 
Pre-Requirements : Email Account

 6. Ubuntu One
Free Space : 5GB
Support Environment : Windows XP,Mac,Linux,Mobile(Apple,Android) , bit trouble in Win7 and Win8
Pre-Requirements : Email Account

7. Apple i-Cloud

Free Space : 5GB
Support Environment : Mac,Mobile(Apple) 
Pre-Requirements : Apple Account

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